It has been almost a year since my son Noah finished his treatment for a metastatic brain tumor.
Radiation was the last step of his treatment which included chemotherapy, a spinal cord surgery,
and also a 12 hour brain surgery. My husband and I researched radiation modalities across the
country, and are beyond grateful that we found our home away from home in Boston. We spent
close to 2 months at Mass General Hospital in Boston, while my 10 year old received daily
doses of proton radiation. Although the period of time was extremely trying on our family,
Christopher’s Haven made us feel so taken care of and loved.

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your worst fears come to life. You go into survival
mode, and it can be a very lonely place, even with the support of family and friends. Before
being diagnosed, Noah had never met another child with cancer. The treatments can be
grueling and very isolating. Even with immense family and community support, it can be very
hard for people to understand exactly what you're experiencing, and can be difficult for people
to support you in a way you need.

Christopher’s Haven is that place. It’s the kind of place that you can retreat to after having a
rough day, and every person there knows exactly what you're feeling and experiencing without
ever needing an explanation. It becomes your lifeline. Your resource of information. It is a
place that supports not only the patient, but the entire family, including siblings. Christopher’s
Haven goes above and beyond to help. Catie, the family service manager, makes you feel that
everything is going work out. I remember the first phone call I placed to her. She told me about
her son’s story, and his brain surgery, and how well he was doing then, and I felt a huge sigh of
relief, knowing these kids can overcome anything. She creates a space of encouragement,
hope,positivity, and fun.

The activities that Christopher Haven offers during the week were extremely helpful as well.
Cooking on Tuesdays with the college students. Having a Harvard buddy. Tickets to various
sports games. Boston Duck Tours. Xbox games. Arts and Crafts. Superheroes. The list is
endless. When my son looks back at his time in Boston, radiation treatment and how he felt are
not the things he remembers. He remembers the love, the fun, and the community support at
Christorpher’s Haven. So much so that he chose Boston as his favorite place to visit in the US.

I can’t thank Christopher’s Haven enough. Noah is thriving. He started 6th grade about a
month ago, and went to school with all of the same anxieties and trepidation of any normal
middle schooler. I couldn’t ask for anything more. And our family will be forever indebted to
Christopher’s Haven. My plan going forward is to give back. Give back to the community that
was such a huge part of our life, and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you Christopher’s Haven.
Robin and Adam Spiegelman